Agriculture Covers (Dane ChemCovers)



Don’t let your hard work go to waste! Help maximize your profits by protecting your valuable assets with a Dane Chemco cover. Durable, reliable and built to last, our covers will provide excellent protection and help you minimize your waste.

The triple reinforced, hot-air welded seams feature a ¼” manila rope core ensuring an extra strong tie- down to keep your Dane Chemco cover in place, not blowing in the wind.

Each corner is further reinforced by our unique, patent-pending corners. These injected-molded corners are welded into place, gripping the rope core and firmly holding the cover while absorbing the tension.

Why risk your assets and lose money with an inferior cover? Invest in a high-quality, Dane ChemCover custom made just for you.




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Dane tie-down systems available for an additional cost.


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