Thermal Curing Blankets

Dane Chemco provides the highest-quality curing blankets for all of your projects.  Filled with 3M Thinsulate to provide superior insulation and to help ensure proper curing in the most extreme conditions.

Built to last, Great Dane Blankets are double-stitched, glued and covered in durable reinforced polyethylene which helps the blankets stand up to wear and tear while providing an additional source of insulation.  Finally, we add grommets to help keep the blankets in place.

We carry a variety of sizes and weights to cover whatever your particular needs may be.  Custom sizes and colors are also available upon request.

Current Sizes Available:

      COVER                     SIZE                          WEIGHT

Lightweight:          6/9 Mil.                     12’ x 25’                      40# to 50#
                                                                        6’ x 25’                        20# to 25#

Standard:               9/9 Mil.                     12’ x 25’                      45# to 55#
                                                                        6’ x 25’                        20# to 25#

Heavyweight:        12/12 Mil.                  12’ x 25’                      45# to 60#
                                                                        6’ x 25’                        25# to 30#

Custom-Sized or Heavier Covers Available

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